Monday, September 20, 2010

Paul Giles - Artist, Illustrator, Designer.

Mister Giles 
I started art at school, but I wasn’t particularly devoted to it I enjoyed it but then I started to get taught about graffiti and couldn’t stop doodling…this helped me develop a passion for creating, constantly writing your name and re-inventing yourself with an individual style learning different techniques and approaches from different artists. After school I went to Leeds Met to study contemporary art and design where I mostly created abstract video art and studied bizarre contemporary and modern styles of creating artworks but  I  carried on working in design for friends drawing constantly in my spare time and learning a digital craft to produce flyers and promotional items for club nights etc. 
After this I moved back to London and went to Camberwell to study Illustration, this really help me nail down exactly what it was I enjoyed creating. 
I love graffiti, street art, abstract art, music these things constantly inspire me to create and continue to challenge myself to be individual…..  
I use writing to investigate the abstract properties of graffiti and use this as a basis for individuality, no one can ever make the same marks and mess you can they are forever yours, unique individual and yours. Crossing these abstract questions and investigations with more common concepts of illustration I try to create pieces to inspire, involve and interest. This spliced with the intricate babblings and feelings of a mad man spew out my creations. 
Don’t be like them!

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