Friday, September 10, 2010


LA GOSSE wear:
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La Gosse' s Biography

GAELLE AKA LA GOSSE was born in Marseille, the south of France but now resides in Hackney, London.
LA GOSSE literally means “the child” and she says this describes her exactly. When you meet La Gosse and experience her enthusiasm, fun nature and spirited passion for her music and her craft you’ll understand.. It’s infectious! Gaelle is a TRUE pioneer for female DJs, she relies purely on her talent and love of music to gain respect with the scene, rather than following the lead of other women DJs in the industry who feel the only way to the top is to flash the flesh in cheesy photo shoots.
Since the very young age of 10 she fell in love with electronic music, mixing the likes of SNAP, TEKNOTRONIC, BLACK BOX and many more from the radio into tapes/cassettes. By 16 she had found clubland.. (Finally!!) It was here she fell even deeper in love. When dance music developed into house, she was hooked and went out and bought her first set of Technics and enough vinyl to practice. Now all that mattered to Gaelle was her records and her decks and nothing or nobody could disturb her! She knew this was now her true PASSION!
Gaelle’s first gig with a real crowd was one year later, a private birthday party. She says up until now it was one of the best days of her life. Over the coming years she was offered work in a few clubs in Marseille such as LE BAZAR, LE TROLLEY BUS, and LE METAL CAFE. By 2004 she had made her mind up that it was time to find a new audience in a new city. She decided that London would be a very cool place to go and explore. Initially it was very difficult to find work especially as she did not speak English very well. But undeterred “the child” was determined to make her mark on the city. Her game plan was to visit many clubs around the capital and make as many contacts as possible.. This year her passion and dedication was beginning to pay off. She was offered regular gigs at REDLIGHT, 54, SOSHO RETOX and EGG.
Then in 2007 Gaelle won first place in 2 respected DJ competitions. The first was the “Test Lounge” DJ comp at London super club EGG she was awarded a residency as 1st prize and this was a great achievement as there were approximately 5,000 entrants UK wide. The 2nd competition La Gosse went on to win was the Movida Corona DJ awards. She beat more than 500 other mixing masters from across England who took part in this competition, heats were held across the country with regional finals in the north, the midlands, the south and London. After clinching the national title she then went onto represent England at in the world’s biggest DJ competition, the world final of Movida Corona in Rome, where she competed against DJs from more than 70 countries.
Things are now looking up and up for Gaelle, she has secured residencie in London; Breakfast at EGG (London’s notorious Sunday after party), The word on the scene is that La Gosse is hot properly. She has up and coming gigs planned in many cities across the world and 2009 is set to be her year. Not content with just playing records for a living Gaelle also has her finger on the production pulse. She s been signed by EUKATECH/ EUKAHOUSE label / FANT'OHMS RECORDSl and releases are out !

Now doing production with his brother ... you can find them as Sister & Brother...

? In the words of Gaelle..

“For many DJs music is their passion for me MUSIC IS LIFE AND LIFE IS MUSIC!”