Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"arT is arT, if you think, (it) is arT".........ArTno

Arnaud Chanat

Born in France-1972. I had my first camera and my only SLR camera since, a Pentax p30, at 19. I’ve never stopped taking pictures from this time. A travel lover; I hold a Masters degree in history, trying to expose the history of mentalities in France throughout the last century between Paris and the country side. I completed a year in a Fine Art School “Beaux Art” in France where I studied sculpture and cubism.

Further to this, I studied photography for 2 years at the “centre d’initiative artistique du Mirail” at the University of Human Sciences in Toulouse, France.
Linked to Art, I started up the new Biennale of Paris with Alexandre Gurita for 2 years as advisor  with the concept of immaterial art .
Regarding pictures, I spent a lot of time at the beginning to understand the light and the reaction camera/film and aperture/speed. Then I moved quickly to architecture for the lines and the perspectives, when slowly I used to get some money from architects to pay my studies all this time. I did few small exhibits in Toulouse, mid 90’s.
For some reasons, I decided after this period to stop to show my work and to have any relation with money for something witch is my only freedom. I take pictures because I don’t have any choice.

I moved out from Paris to London in 2002 to get what we missed in France: Energies, emulsion, movement for every aspects of what we call creation.
From now on, I’m compiling pictures of  what I see and what I live day by day about situations and locations;

I’m offering my skills and my work for few  projects around, but most of them always for free. I turned up, and end up now with the social and political photo-report which is, in my point of view, the essence of the invention of the camera. I'm painting from time to time as well to complete my researches.

Few self-edited artist books completed. The last one “from 2007 in motion with me, or I’ watching you
(text and pictures) .

ArTno is Photographer for S.D.G.EastLondon 2010

...BUT...Do u Think that's only PIcTures ???...

...ThaNks ARTno