Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daniel Cloud Campos - OMG -

How we can talk about talents, artists, styles and dreams...If we haven't known CLOUD

''My dad was the one who always told me my dancing would never get me anywhere in life, i said :a lot of people have different dreams in life and
i definitely have to follow mine
otherwise i'll be miserable''.


''Those who know me know that I love to dance, act, draw, direct, play guitar (not so good) make people laugh, create art in general, and most of all.... inspire :)''


LOCATION: United States
PERSONAL INTEREST: Dancing, Acting, Writing Stories, Make Movies , Directing
IN A RELATIONSHIP with Tamara Levinson
ABOUT: Daniel "Cloud" Campos (The Illister) '' THEY LIE AMONGST US PREPARING FOR BATTLE ''
AWARDS: *BBoy World Championship* ( With My Crew Skill Methodz )
Red Bull BC One 2009 ( 2ND Place )

Daniel Campos also known as Cloud, born May 6, 1983 in Adel, Georgia but raised in San Diego, California, is a dancer, choreographer, actor, and director who is best known
 as one of Madonna's male dancers.

below the Red Bull BC One 2009

Additionally, Cloud is also a director, he co-directed a short film "Heaven Awaits" won the Best Cinematography, Best Audio, Best Editing, Best Horror Film, and Grand Prize at the 2005 Filmerica Challenge.

'Welcome Home'' - a tribute to everyone who has had a slovenly roommate.

Cloud has also worked with Paulina Rubio, Rhianna, Shakira and  MVP.
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