Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Artes - TIMBRO 65100

TIMBRO is... Made in Italy 100%

The Brand ''TIMBRO'' use only natural materials and combines essential shape and craftsmanship.

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I T A.Il marchio "TIMBRO" usa solo materiali assolutamente naturali si coniuga armoniosamente a forme essenziali e alla lavorazione artigianale.

Il Punto Vendita "Artes"
Artes srl | P.I. IT01915800682 
Via Ravenna 14 - 65122 Pescara - tel/fax 085 86 73 276

A competitive price for the best quality!

TIMBRO's bags are easy to match and comfortable to wear plus absolutely unique and beautiful.
 TIMBRO is a perfect accessory for
S.D.G. Collections !
Below a few suggestions...

...for all S.D.G. garments different colors available upon request...