Sunday, September 19, 2010


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Maura has had a captivating presence on the London music circuit for years. Now with an imminent release on Leftroom Records, she is cementing a name for herself in London and abroad. She is in this for the long-haul, standing out for spinning vinyl and always playing from the heart regardless of musical trends.

Starting as co-promoter and resident of !KNUF together with Jordi Mas, their regular soiree in East London hosted many a respected headliner. Maura’s dynamic sets and signature deep sound have gained her spots in London’s hottest parties, including Phonica at T-Bar, M+H at The CAMP, Excuse the Mess, Kitchen Party, Bread & Butter at The Light Bar and Clandestino at The End & AKA, playing alongside industry heavyweights such as Christian Burkhardt, Argy, DJ W!ld, Ekkohaus and Noze to name a few. Highlights for 2010 include playing in Cologne as well as in Miami at the Winter Music Conference, sharing the decks with Nick Curly and Ray Okpara.

Maura has stepped up her game by entering the world of production with Mark Chambers. Delving into influences of deep house and dubby tech sounds, Mark and Maura deliver warm and rich beats with a permanent nod to the old-school and a forward thinking perspective to the future.