Thursday, October 28, 2010

Erick William Lestrange

pizza overdose

''Sometimes something is so unique that you want more than just remembering it,
it's not like I want to prove
that I have a more exquisite
 life than any other person,
my life is as normal as any other''...

after killing what I need is a cigarette

smoking on the door

...''One day my friend asked me
 if this is the way I see life.
 Hell no!
Whenever I do a picture I love playing around
testing new colors, even that sometimes you just know what the picture needs''...




...''Having these pictures
 it makes me feel like I am
collecting moments of my life,
this is the proof that my life
has a meaning somehow,
even that some people will never undesrtand which''...

 Erick William Lestrange


''Mr Colors Lestrange'' you are
S.D.G.Eastlondon is proud to meet you!