Monday, October 6, 2014

bUt FirST, Let ME TakE a SElfiE !

ALicE weARing BlACk ONdA DreSS

FraNCescA iN a BlacK ScoOba MIni DREss

NiCo & a StriPE UniSEx TshiRT

MarIE DreSSEd wiTH a REd Sam DREss

PhArreL haS on MatCH JaCKet N8

FinD ThOse STocK AnD mUch MorE OptioNs on Our WEbsITe, CliCK HerE

We aRE EntHUsiasTiC to rECeive Our ConSUmerS' SelFIe
 so PLeasE KeeP oN SendiNG thEM to Us !
Email YouR AmaZing PicTureS at:

You ArE ouR brAnd!