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Sunday 31 August
Time 17:00–00:00

LA BELLE: Hello You All!
Is time for another LivinGroovy !! I am writing to you while watching the Sardinian's sea , but still working for you , Beautiful Souls!

This time the amazing Stefania Di Ghionno will please us with her amazing collection SDG EastLondon

and also Art Exhibition , by three different Artists !!

Paulina Jasniak (born in Lodz, Poland, 1991) is a painter based in Dalston.
The main subject of her study is emotional portrait. She is interested in connections between different areas of art and perceives them as a fruit of sensitivity and curiosity.
Inspired by symbolist painters, poetes maudits and art theorists.

Konrad Kwietniewski (born in Lublin, Poland, 1979) is a painter and printmaker based in Dalston.
His main interests are music and culture which can be easily seen in his works. He focuses on portraying people that have had certain impact on him. He recycles inspiration that he gets from music and reuses it in visual art. He keeps his works simple yet polished and efficient in conveying his thoughts and truths.

Irene Herrero Canencia was born in Madrid in 1986.
After completing her degree in Photography in Madrid, she moved to London in 2010. Working mainly in B&W she started shooting in her neighbourhood. After attending a street photography workshop she gradually began to get closer to her subjects while shooting, trying to capture the busy street life.
She's continuing work on two series"Reflection" , a playful exploration of the interplay between figure, self portraiture, reflection and transparency, and " Spanish's sigh", a look at spanish daily life through the eyes of an emigrant.

Luis Sanchez will give us some memories of this day!!!
Snap Snap Snap!

Get down and enjoy a mix of fashion, music , art and obviously loads loads loads of joy !!!

Djs line up

Luke Vega
Disco Digital
La Belle
Phil Blant (aka Phil Couch)

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