Thursday, July 3, 2014

SDG East LOndon is ready for the COLORS RAINBOW PARTY, sunDAY 6 Jul at 12:00–22:00, Ican Studios

SDG will be in this sUPer evENt wiTH 50 pieces INspired by the theme reinBOW...
...t-shIRTs, leggiNgs, toPs, dreSSes, all of theM unique Pieces, hanD made in SDG STUDIO just for this event, alWays witH good fabriCS...prices ARE jusT from 10.00£ to 14.00£ and accessories reinbow from 3.00£ to 5.00£ !

Also u are in time foR sPecial order... conTact us by Friday and we'll make everything you want:)

SDG East London STUDIO

all we do is with LOVE <3

COLORS facebook eveNt paGE