Thursday, November 4, 2010

"My art speak for it self"... ANNA LAURINI

 Anna's work is inspired by the abstract expressionism movement. Throughout the years she has developed a unique style using a mix of acrylic paint, collage and other media. Her genuine positivism is clearly presented in her choice of colours and shapes as she tries to transmit her emotions to the viewer.
Anna vibrant expressionist style has been very much a result of her experience of living and working as an artist in the heart of the world’s most stimulating cities; London and New York.
Anna's worldwide travels and experiences have greatly impacted the charismatic expansive nature of her life and work.
Anna has studied at Central Saint Martins in London and at the Art Student League in New York City. Her work has been sold in New York, Australia, Italy and U.K. Anna's has done commissioned work in New York City for the "Saint Marks " music stores and several private houses and loft in Manhattan. Over the past ten years Anna has been living and working between London, New York and Milan.

"I get inspiration from my feelings, emotions, and especially from the cities where i live, such as New York and London...I like the chaos of big metropolis it reflect my mental chaos, but also i need to make some reconciliation which I do by painting...

Colors for me are everything ( I think is quite evident if you see my paintings..) I l'm in love with BLUE..I always start a painting with the blue...It just makes me feel safe and I work well with all his tonalities.

My dream is to be content and satisfied with who I am and what I do..pretty simple idea..quite difficult to put into practise... :¬)

I like to share my art and the best regards is when people appreciated without asking me what it's supposed to mean and what it represent..My art speak for it self..( I like to believe) xxx"

Review on Kilburne Time Magazine - Anna Laurini review by Peter Kennedy
  • The Cube , Broadway, NYC, U.S.A., Summer 2001.
  • The Lodge, Mission Beach, Cairns, Australia, Summer 2002.
  • Coffee Plant, Portobello Rd, London, Winter 2003/2004.
  • City Hall, Milan, April 2004
  • Salon Gallery, 82 Westbourne Grove, w2 London, May-June 2006
  • Tom and Dick's, 30 Alexander street, w2 London, June-Sept. 2006
  • Children of Vision, Portobello rd, London, July-Sept 2006
  • Mau Mau, Portobello rd, London, Sept-Oct 2006
  • The Castle, Holland Park Avenue, London, Nov 2006-April 2007
  • The Eagle, Askew Rd, London, Nov 2006-May 2007
  • The Great Art Fair, Alexandra Palace, Dec. 2006
  • The Summer Sgow, Cadbrige, Spring '07
  • The Gallery, 110 Golborne rd, London Summer '07
  • Arancina, Pembrifge rd, London, Summer '07

Review on Kilburne Time Magazine - Anna Laurini review by Peter Kennedy

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Anna Laurini invites you to a private view at The Vyner Studio on
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The Vyner Studio

Anna Laurini will be available for commissioned work.

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